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Innovation: Driving Safety Indicator

Nokian tyres feature an innovation called a Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) on the centre tread rib which features numbers up to 8 (mm), indicating the remaining tread depth.

The Nokian DSI provides an accurate measure of tread wear.

As the tyre tread wears out, the numbers progressively disappear, so after the first mm of tread is worn the number 8 will no longer show, while the numbers up to 7 remain, indicating the tyre has 7mm of tread depth and so on. This Nokian innovation is a real safety feature which will benefit all drivers who can easily see the remaining tread depth of their tyres and prepare for replacing their tyres before the tyres are worn out and potentially dangerous. On the Nokian Rotiiva AT All Terrain 4WD tyre, the Driving Safety Indicator shows the percentage % of tyre tread remaining instead of depth in mm.